Randall Wood

Two things;

This month I’ve been asked to be a guest blogger at The Passive Voice, one of the most trafficked sites for self-publishing on the internet. So while I’m keeping the lights on there, blogging here every week will be short and sweet. I invite you all to come over and take a look at The Passive Voice, if you’re new to self-publishing or a veteran on your 42nd book you’ll find a wealth of useful information posted every day.

Item two is a sale being offered for the next five days on my first novel, Closure. To coincide with a BookBlast promo it will be on sale for $.99. Grab a copy now, tell all your friends, and if you enjoy it please write a review. Stand-by for a collection of short stories coming out next week (fingers crossed) and a new full-length novel in the next few months. Jack has been a busy man.

That’s all for now, see you next week or on The Passive Voice.