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THIS is why Amazon wins.


On July 11th I ordered a new bunk bed and mattress set for my son for his birthday. The bed arrived with 2-day Prime shipping as promised and we had an awesome time assembling it together. The top mattress was already here from his old bed but the bottom, being a futon, needed a new one. I ordered it the same day as the bed.

It failed to arrive on time. It was the weekend so we blew it off in favor of enjoying his party. Today I check into the status of the package. Long-story short, FedEx claims to have never received a pick-up order for the item and therefore it never shipped. Okay. So I took the information provided and fired off an email to Amazon.

TWENTY MINUTES LATER I get this in my inbox;


I’m sorry to know one of the package of your order didn’t arrive as expected.

In an attempt to make it right, I’ve created a replacement order that’s listed below. There’s no charge for this replacement order. I’ve also upgraded the shipping method to One-Day at no additional charge.

Order Number: XXX-3970714-5797831

Estimated Delivery Date: July 24 and 28

Shipping Address:



If the original order does show up, you can refuse the unopened package or use the following link to print a mailing label to return the package to us:


It looks like item isn’t in stock and won’t ship right away. If you need to cancel the replacement order, just visit Your Account (LINK). Otherwise, we’ll get the replacement to you as soon as possible.

In addition to our large selection, one of the benefits we try very hard to offer our customers is convenience. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience you experienced in this case.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best regards,


Did this solve your problem?

Why yes, Kumar, it did solve my problem. It also ends my very first customer issue with Amazon since I first used them back in 1990something, all in under thirty minutes. On a Sunday.


This is why I’m an Amazon fan. Yes, they help me make a living as a writer, but more importantly they threat me the same way no matter what I’m dealing with them on. Whether or not I’m submitting books for publication, buying movies for the kids, or running a promotion on KDP. I get treated as a customer rather than a vendor or supplier.


Renewal of that prime membership is going to be a very easy decision.


So thank you, Kumar, tell Jeff I’m very happy.


On a side note I’d like to know why there’s no White Castle in Venice. I’m suddenly craving some.

1 thought on “THIS is why Amazon wins.”

  1. The drones are going to be awesome.

    Ironically it’s a computer technology-driven company that understands the value of good, personal customer service. Still, I’m sure they’re going to start eating our flesh any day now to fuel their dark energies.

    And their precious bodily fluids.

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