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The world did not end…and other news.

I know, I know, it’s been some time since a post appeared here and I apologize.

The last six weeks has been busy well beyond what I would consider normal. Between NaNo, holiday shopping, buying a new house, getting three books out, and an illness that made its way through the family one person at a time, free time has been hard to come by.

Hopefully you caught that part about three books coming out. My three novels in the Jack Randall series have been tore down, reassembled, prettied-up, and reborn. Since my support team had as busy a November-December as I did, the process took longer than I thought. Regardless, the books are getting out there in e-book form and can be found here. Paperbacks and Hardcover versions will be soon to follow.

So what’s next?

The new year is looking promising as the new house should be settled into by the end of January and Randall no longer has to write for anyone other than Randall by the end of the month. The outline for book four is complete and there are notes-a-plenty littering the desk ready to move things along. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is tax season.

Some goals for the future.

Gotta have em or what’s the point? This year its finish book four in six months or less, write three more short stories for the Time series, figure out an affordable translation option for all the books, produce my first audio book, and build enough bookshelves in the new house to have every book out of the boxes they are now in.

That last one may be the hardest.

Anyway, today is Christmas eve-eve, so I’m just going to sign off for the year and go play with the kids. I’ll leave you with this newly found bit of knowledge;

 A Great Dane can swipe a laptop right off a table with its tail.  No, I’m not kidding.

See you next year.

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