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The Twelve Shepherds is live!


            The Twelve Shepherds has gone to market.* If you signed up for my mailing list you should have the first episode in your mailbox. If not, please feel free to flog my assistant Bill until you do.

(NOT these kind of Shepherds->)


The blurb:

Justice isn’t dead…yet.

It’s been a year since Sam Shepherd embarked on a one-man mission to change the justice system, a mission that ended on live television in front of a stunned nation. His mission became a calling, a movement for change that demanded to be heard.

They didn’t listen.

From the ashes of that mission rise a new group, one that has vowed to succeed were Sam failed. Special Agent Jack Randall of the FBI finds himself tasked with stopping them. It promises to be a fight like he’s never known.

This time he’s not after one killer, he’s up against twelve.

(I wrote this blurb one night after drinking a lot of rum. Kind of surprised myself when I read it the next day.)



I would strongly suggest that you read Closure (FREE on all platforms) prior to taking on The Twelve Shepherds, it will provide a great deal of background and character familiarity that would otherwise not be available.



            The Twelve Shepherds is a Serial Novel. Think of each episode as a TV show. More of a soap opera actually. They will each be around 20-25 thousand words and take the average reader approximately 60-90 minutes to read (much like a TV show or short film). The beauty of this style of writing is that the story never has to end. As long as YOU want more I intend to keep the story alive.    

*What’s with the asterisk?

Good question. After much research and several conversations with fellow writers I have decided to publish The Twelve Shepherds through Amazons Kindle Unlimited platform. I did this for a number of reasons which I will outline here. But first: If you are not a member of “KU”, as we call it, please allow me to give a brief explanation.

KU is a subscription service for readers that allows them to access a TON of books through Amazon Kindle store for a flat fee of $10 a month. What this means is that authors can publish their works to KU and make them available for everyone at a very low price. Readers can read an unlimited amount of books for only ten dollars. Its proven to be quite popular and is something that a serial novel such as The Twelve Shepherds is perfect for.

Authors are always in a balancing act between price and trying be available to every reader. On one hand we want to be reachable to and in range of everyone’s budget. On the other hand we have to eat. KU takes this problem off the table. The lowest price Amazon will allow us to sell a book for is $.99. When The Twelve Shepherds grew to over eleven episodes I realized it would be cheaper for my readers to get it through KU then it would be for them to buy each individual episode. You can still do so if you wish, but I wanted to give everyone the cheaper option. So, publishing to KU seemed like the best choice. You the reader can now get the entire storyline for the lowest price possible no matter how big it grows, and I can be assured nobody misses out if they are on a tight budget.

Did I mention that Kindle Unlimited is free for the first thirty days? Well, it is. You can get it here.

The downside of this is that Amazon demands exclusivity from me for using KU. One of the reasons I’ve spoken out against it in the past. I won’t be able to publish The Twelve Shepherds to the other platforms (Apple, Google, Kobo, Nook, etc.) for at least three months. I apologize to everyone on those platforms and ask for your patience. I should point out that signing the KU deal is a three-month commitment for me only, for you it is renewable on a monthly basis. After that commitment is up I can choose to stay in KU, or pull the books out and publish them everywhere. I’ll make that decision in three months, depending on how well I can eat.

As for the rest of the episodes, they will be published in short order. You can expect episode two to arrive tomorrow and episode three to arrive the day after. If you are on the mailing list they will magically appear in your inbox. You can also be notified via Amazons Kindle page when the books appear there if you wish to purchase them outside of KU.

With that said, I give you The Twelve Shepherds, and I hope it lives up to your expectations.


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