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Previously published as Homeland, Revolution, the eighth novel of the Jack Randall series, and the fourth of The Twelve Shepherds saga, is now available with a 20% discount. If you didn’t read Homeland when it was available, get it now before it goes full price!



With the escape of the captured Shepherd, Special Agent Jack Randall of the FBI finds himself and his case back to square one. Called back to DC to face the music, he instead chooses to visit Florida and the scene of the latest Shepherd’s target. Getting there was easy, but getting out is something totally different.

When desperate people fleeing the path of a major hurricane chose to do so through the tiny border town of Homeland, Florida, it brings trouble the town is not prepared for.

Jack, and his partner Sydney Lewis, only want to get home to DC and pursue their case against the vigilante group known as the Twelve Shepherds. The shortcut looked like a good idea.

A few cars ahead of them are four men who had the same thought, but with very different goals. Armed to the teeth and carrying 50 keys of cocaine destined for the east coast, the four men find themselves caught between the FBI and a pair of small town deputies.

Cut off from the outside world by the storm and a washed-out bridge, Jack must team up with the young policemen to save the town from the four violent killers.

One of which is someone he did not expect.

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