Randall Wood

The clicking….

Do you hear it?mouse on mouse

My wife does.

My kids do.

Even the dog.

Its why none of them are around me right now.

It’s not my keyboard, they’re use to that. Its…my mouse.

If you ever wondered what an author does the day after he releases a book to the public? It’s this.

Mouse clicking.

Lots of it. We open every sales tab we can and spend the day clicking back and forth waiting to see if anybody took a chance on our book.

Its maddening. And pathetic. And totally unhealthy. Yet entirely justified, by me anyway.

So, what do I know? Have I gained any knowledge from all the clicking, or am I just slowly driving myself mad? I’m in the whole “after the first show” phase and waiting for the paper to arrive, or the blog to open, hell, anything to tell me what the people think of my latest creation/performance that I sent off into the big world.

What do I know?

I know next to nothing. But it’s still Saturday, or Sunday, depending on where in the world you might be. I know copies have moved. A lot of them actually. The sales ranking has steadily climbed since I pushed the publish button. But has anyone read the thing yet? Maybe when the weekend gets started? Do they like it? Did it speak to them? Should I celebrate with a steak, or should I stock up on Raman noodles? I have no idea.

Anyway, Episode Three is out.3D


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And if you have a few seconds, and feel like letting me know what you think, it would go a long way toward lowering my blood pressure.

I’ll try to stay sober until then.


3 thoughts on “The clicking….”

  1. Wendy Simpson

    I loved the first chapter, mistakes and all, lol! I am having difficulty downloading chapter 2. I am hooked on your books, I can’t read them fast enough!! I can’t find an app to download it to. Any suggestions? Warm regards, Wendy F. Simpson

  2. I am actually going to make a comment about Closure! I read constantly since I retired. I am smoking through books on my iPhone and iPad. I enthusiastically give you an excellent review! I enjoyed hopping back and forth from person to person and the statistics on prisoners was unique. Characters were fleshed out nicely and I appreciated the lack of gratuitous sex. It was a real barn burner but no drink after review or you’ll soon be a sot !

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