Randall Wood


TensionBookworks is the publishing company I’ve formed to handle my books. I’ve assembled a team of professionals to help me with everything involved in the self-publishing process including coverart, formatting, editing, website creation, and promotion. We publish on all ebook outlets available, and use Lightning Source for Paperbacks and Hardcovers. We’ll also be selling to independent bookstores through our own website store.

That doesn’t mean its exclusive to me! If you’d like to meet the team and discuss your needs just contact me and tell us what you need. Eventually this page will be a separate website explaining things in more detail, but until then just use my contact page. 

How did I choose that name? Simple; if you’re writing a thriller you’re not writing conflict, you’re not writing action, what you’re writing is tension. People don’t read thrillers to see how the story turns out, they read them to see what happens to the characters. I also think Bookworks sounds less snotty than Publishing, books require a lot of hard work, this way we never forget that.  

Check back, the website and store are under construction, but should be ready soon.


My partners in this endeavor;


Creative Indies

Derek Murphy at Creative Indie Covers. Without a doubt one of the most talented guys I know. He’s been the most worry-free part of my book building efforts. Easy to talk to, prompt, and very reasonable when it comes to price, I couldn’t be more pleased. Derek is in the happiness business and he really knows how to bring it. Derek is a writer as well so he really understands all parts of the indie publishing world. The only hard part about working with Derek is figuring out what time-zone he’s currently in.  




J.W. Manus

Editing and Formatting

The day I found Jaye was a big relief. Not only is she an excellent formatter, making my books readable, linkable and looking good in any format but she is also an outstanding editor. Her client list contains such names as Lawrence Block.

Her motto is E-Books = Real Books

I think that says it very nicely.



Lightning Source



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