Randall Wood

Season One is over, so let’s make a giant book out of it!




And I do mean giant: over 1000 pages! Take that, Tom Clancy! I’ve just beaten your biggest doorstop by 300 pages! Victory is mine! Victory is mine! Victory is mine!

“Didn’t Clancy die a few years ago?”

Yes. My victory is over a dead man. Don’t ruin this for me.

The message here is not that I beat Tom Clancy — even though I did — but it’s that you can get all of season one of The Twelve Shepherds in one place now, and… for a lower cost.

Amazon, in their infinite wisdom, does me the favor of making my books into a “bundle” and combing the price of all the episodes (without me asking). So skip over that bundle you see, and look for the Omnibus Edition. It has a cool 3D thumbnail that looks like the one you see here:

OR just click here and be magically taken there, via the interwebs.

Wait until you see the hardcover! It’ll be HUGE! I may just use it as a doorstop. I’ll name it Tom. Tom the doorstop.

If you are in the Kindle Unlimited program, the omnibus is free for you and much more convenient. Now you can have the whole season in your library and still have room for 9 more books. Six of those could still be mine! Lucky you.

So grab a copy before they run out of pixels or something.

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