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Scarcity (Jack Randall #3) now available

Like the title says, book #3 of the Jack Randall series is now available on Amazon, Nook* and Kobo.

The blurb;

A teenage girl is kidnapped in Mexico City as a young boy in Afghanistan is wounded by artillery fire. A plane crashes in Florida while a man waits for a new heart in Maryland. A senator’s daughter survives a car accident while a captured drug runner makes a deal with the DEA.

Soon all of their fates converge into a twisted web of deceit driven by greed, desperation and hope. As Jack Randall of the FBI and his friend Lenny Hill of Interpol work to untangle the web, they soon discover that evil exist everywhere, and its deeds can be forced on anyone.

With coverart from Derek Murphy:


So everyone who’s been patiently waiting for book three please accept my apology for the delay. Those who have been bugging me constantly can now leave me alone to write book four! I’ll try to hurry. (I hope to have it out by late spring or summer 2013)

One a side note I’ve also released a new short story. “Six Hours with Larry” is now up on the Shorts page. I hope you enjoy it.



*Nook seems to have solved their uploading issues so I can now confirm that the books are all available there.





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