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Rumors of my death…

Hello everyone,

Just dropping in to dispel rumors of my death. I am indeed alive and keeping the Jack Randall series alive as well.

Six months ago I blogged that I was behind. The funerals I mentioned are still ongoing and this month I will attend the last one scheduled.

This would be my mother’s.

She passed from a stroke a few months back and we held off on the funeral until all who wished to could attend. She was a great supporter of my writing and it’s been hard to continue doing so knowing she will not be there to read the first draft. I’ve been pecking away at a new serial novel, but the words have come a bit slower.

Mom however, would be very upset if I didn’t continue, so for her, my sanity, and all of you it’s time to get Jack into some trouble.

The Twelve Shepherds is very close to being launched. It has grown from a small six-part serial to a twelve-part monster. And that’s just Season One. I’ve already started writing Season Two and intend to keep new episodes coming on a monthly schedule. As soon as the editing and formatting are done it will go out to the reading world. Those of you who subscribed will get the first episode in your inbox tomorrow.

On top of that the next full-length Jack Randall thriller will be in production with a tentative publishing date of Christmas.

Short Outline: Jack and Sydney are HERE and want to get THERE but in between is a BIG STORM so they stop SOMEWHERE to shelter. Bad guys are also HERE and want to get THERE but run into BIG STORM as well, they decide to shelter SOMEWHERE too. Good guys meet bad guys and local guys and there are issues, all while the BIG STORM is trying to kill them all.

On top of that I’ve been bitten by the SciFi bug and have outlined my first SciFi techno-thriller.

“Honey, what’s a techno-thriller?

“It’s a vampire story where the good-guy kills them while listening to techno music.”


(My wife has never seen “Blade”) 🙂

Short Outline: We found this thing. It’s really old. It’s really smart. It’s really powerful. It really wants to leave. Some of us want it to stay. Some want it to go. Some are scared. Some think it’s cool. They argue. Someone makes a decision. It’s not the one anyone expected.

On top of that I’ll be blogging more. I miss it actually. So watch for that as well.

What else?

Oh, that woman I mentioned earlier, the one I called my wife? She’s not technically my wife, even though I’ve been calling her that for eight years, but she will be in September!

On top of THAT, here’s the new cover for The Twelve Shepherds:


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