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Some unsolicited Amazon reviews for the Jack Randall seriesWant to read the first book for free? Your wish is my command.


Wood is in line to make a name for himself, keep your eyes open because this author is on a roll!

                                                                          – JK, Amazon Reviewer



Although this story, as each of the first three Jack Randall novels, is well plotted with interesting characters, the reason I gave it five stars is because of the excellent information provided. In his Randall series, Wood unfolds the essentials of kidnapping, terrorism, trafficking, the cartels, the black market in human organs, heart-transplant procedure, emergency medical intervention, advanced military training, state-of-the art weapons. He proposes succinct, rational insights to the politics driving decisions on both sides of the ethical dividing line; and, reveals why ethics is so often compromised. The reader is taken into the offices and committee rooms of our governing infrastructures and made privy to the kinds of conversations taking place in the non-fiction world. While there is well-considered psychological/emotional dimensions in the characters’ relationships with each other, there is never the types of soft-core description that causes the reader to become an adolescent voyeur. If I taught high school history or social studies, these novels would be on the reading list for my students–an engaging, exciting, enjoyable way to have a darn good read AND learn a lot of very valuable data and processes!
                                                                         – Di, Amazon reviewer, United Kingdom


This book caused me to lose sleep.
                                                                         – T. Smith, Amazon Reviewer


This is a fast moving read, it had several plots that came together in a timely fashion to bring this book to an excellent conclusion. I do believe Randall Wood is a young Michael Connelly or John Sandford. I have read 90% of their books and Randall writes with the same flavor and action that they do. Going the way he is, seems to me, will bring success him as a writer.
                                                                           -Amazon Reviewer, UK


Jack Randall will be the next big thing.
                                                                           – Julie Loiselle


A little of Michael Crichton, a little John Saul, (or insert your favorite medical thriller author here), a chase scene that reminded me of one of the Die Hard movies, all tied together in a heck of a thriller.
                                                                          – Jim, Goodreads reviewer


This book is written in a way that makes you want to keep reading… And keep reading….. And keep reading.
                                                                           – Lorac, Amazon Reader


A first rate thriller with intriguing story lines coming together in a surprising finish. Forewarned, Randall may take your personal and professional ethics out of the safety of your cocktail party conversation and into the reality of questioning how far you would go for your loved ones. Read Randall’s fascinating journey into the world of transplant medicine, “missing or kidnapped souls” and the underside of money, drugs and organ donors . Lines between fiction and reality can be moved with our perception and personal situation. Randall Wood challenges those lines!

                                                                            – Paul Bier, RN


…in the style of NCIS meets Michael Connelly
                                                                            – PH Brown, Amazon Reviewer

I just finished reading “Closure,” and as a paramedic and ER nurse, I appreciate your attention to detail and obvious love of paramedics! smile emoticon I just read your Amazon page, and I actually laughed out loud. As a child I also was tagged as not performing to my full potential (somewhat rectified in my half-assed attempt at responsible adulthood) and I was often in trouble for reading at the dinner table and past my bedtime. I look forward to reading your next book!

– Lisa Even


Even with 87 unread books in my Kindle, I’ll be buying his next book. 

                                                                            – Shoshana A. Simon

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