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Rebellion is out!

Eight hundred thousand plus words. The Twelve Shepherds is huge.

What started out as a serial novel has morphed into the largest project I’ve ever worked on. The story now encompasses six full-length novels, and writing it has elevated my respect for the authors out there that can write a door-stop sized tome with ease. The Kings and Clancy’s of the writing world are nothing more than freaks of nature to me now. I will surely think twice before again taking on such an endeavor.

That said, I’m proud of the result.

The Twelve Shepherds was inspired by fans of Closure, and I hope I’ve penned a worthy follow-up to Sam’s mission. With the Shepherds, I was able to not only continue the mission, but to expand it and weave it into the current backdrop of what we’re seeing in America today. Whether you’re on the right or the left of the current political landscape, you’ll find situations and issues within the story that address all views. (Please keep in mind that they are the characters views, and not necessarily the views of the author!)

Jack, of course, is in the middle of it all, and rather conflicted as to how he’s going to handle his assignment of defeating the Shepherds. With the help of Larry, Sydney, and the rest of his crew, he takes the battle to them, but then it comes to his own door, and he has to make a decision as to which side he’s actually on.

So, after a long wait, The Twelve Shepherds is reborn, with awesome coverart from Derek Murphy, and we’ll be releasing all six books over the coming weeks. The first installment, Rebellion, is available now on all platforms.

America will never be the same again.

The blurb:

Justice isn’t dead . . . yet.

It’s been two years since Sam Shepherd embarked on a one-man mission to change the justice system, a mission that ended on live television in front of a stunned nation. His mission became a calling, a movement for change that demanded to be heard.


They didn’t listen.


From the ashes of that mission rise a new group, one that has vowed to succeed where Sam failed.



Special Agent Jack Randall of the FBI is tasked with stopping them. It promises to be a fight such as he’s never known.


This time he’s not after one killer, he’s up against twelve.



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