Randall Wood

Publishing; as it was done 50 years ago.

I ran across this video and was amazed at the process that a book went through to get to the reader only a few decades ago. We have truely come a long way.


I could’nt help but notice a few things as I watched this. One was the fact that there was not one person in the whole production process who was the slightest bit overweight. Another was the lack of safety equipment protecting the workers from the many automated machines. OSHA would shut this place down in a second if it was operating in 2012. The narrarator referenced the woman in the video as “these girls”, something that would cause an uproar today.

Of course today none of these people would even have a job as the process has become so automated that very few people are needed to produce the end product. In a way I guess that’s both good and bad.


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