Randall Wood

Renaissance: A Jack Randall Thriller



After an unexpected battle with drug traffickers and mother nature, Jack returns to Washington DC, where he finds himself appointed by the president to be the public face of the Twelve Shepherds investigation. The country and the government now look to him to stop their campaign. But the Shepherds have gone into hiding. With no new leads to pursue, and a growing unrest among the population both for and against the Shepherds actions, Jack finds himself in a no-win situation. He’s forced to wait for the Shepherds to make the next move. His wait won’t be long. The General has been keeping a close eye on the public’s reaction, and with the nation-wide protests dominating the people’s attention, he launches Rubicon, the final operation of the Shepherds’ plan. It’s a plan that places Jack between two warring tribes. To survive, he may have to pick one.


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