Randall Wood

Rebirth: A Jack Randall Thriller



Jack and his crew are distracted, searching for the escaped assassin, and not knowing that operation Rubicon is in motion. The General and William are determined see Rubicon through, and send the Shepherds out on their final mission. Haney and The Trust have other plans. But will they be in time? Jack senses something is coming—something big—and he doesn’t know that he is now in the sights of both groups. When the final day arrives, it is a day that the citizens of the United States will never forget, a day of new beginnings and fateful ends, a day when everything and everyone will have closure. Will operation Rubicon succeed? Will Jack survive? Will Anna find her way home? By the time the sun rises, those questions will all be answered. Permanently. Both the nation and Jack will never be the same again. Rebirth is the sixth and final chapter of the Twelve Shepherds Saga.


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