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Presenting Bill Vaz – Randall Wood’s Author Assistant


I’m Bill Vaz, the one and only who speaks fourteen languages fluently, climbs Everest every year just because he cans, and many other things I’m too humble to mention.

Well, let’s not get over our heads. That’s not completely true.

I’m Bill Vaz, Randall Wood’s Author Assistant, and I’m from a little country called Portugal. If you are into politics, I can answer you that yes, Germany is currently not our best friend!

I hope you guys will enjoy my posts as much as I will write them.

I’d like to sincerely thank Randall for his kind words in the previous post. He’s one of the best employers I’ve ever met, and our partnership has been a pleasure since the very beginning.


Now, let’s get our hands dirty. What’s an Author Assistant?  Don’t get too surprised if, by the end of this post, you find yourself realizing that you need one!

If you go back some years ago, when you thought about becoming an author, did you realize that you had to go through tons of work which are unrelated to your writing? Of course not! You thought you only had to sit at a desk, and you had the time of the world to create your story which is incredibly close to your heart.

But then, you realized you had to publish in multiple platforms.  Then, you realized publishing the books by themselves won’t give you any royalties, which you need at the end of the day if you want to buy food and maintain your body to write. So you may have realized that you had to get into marketing. And you found tons of ways to market your book, and most result in waste of money in the long-term. Then, you needed to look at your spreadsheets to learn how your sales were going, but they were incredibly confusing. Then you heard about having a website, but you’ve never built a website before!

And, in the midst of this confusion, you find yourself with no time to write.


Maybe you look somewhat like this, and found yourself no longer with hands available to write! And, ultimately, writing books is what gives you money. So it’s like you’re at war with yourself and working against your own chances of success.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all of this to stop, and simply focus on writing with no more worries? I bet it would. And this is possible! All you have to do is just to hire an Author Assistant. Author assistants have been practicing doing the tasks you dislike for a long time. They can almost do it with their eyes closed, they may do better than you, and they will do it quickly. After all, it’s their only job

But  I’m not sure if I can trust them, you might say.

On my next post, we’ll discuss exactly that. I’ll discuss the fears you yet may think that you have, which are stopping you from hiring an Author Assistant, when its actually the very thing which can turbo-boost your author career. Stay tuned!

You can learn more about Bill Vaz at his website!

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