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Let’s start the year with this.


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One of my new year’s goals ( I refuse to call them resolutions ) is to blog more.

When you’re an author you want to spend ALL of your time writing. Why? Because that’s the fun part! Marketing, tracking sales, social networking, research, etc., these are all necessary, but they take away from actual writing time. Writing is what the writer wants to do. More importantly, it’s what the readers want him to do.

So if he has to do something other than writing it had better pay off in some way. Blogging, while fun at times, does not always give a good return on investment.

Or so I thought.

When I hired someone to make my website for me I pointed him at things from other sites that I thought would work and he Frankensteined one together for me. I never did any actual research into what actually worked. That’s where I went wrong. Thankfully I have a cover artist who is also very knowledgeable on this subject. He writes about it here.

So, one of the things at the top of my to-do list now is to re-vamp the website. Derek has offered to aid me (read; do this for me) and we hope to have something that actually works here soon. Something cleaner, brighter, easier to navigate, and filled with content that actually helps or entertains. I’ll be teaching myself how to add better content, maybe even a podcast or two, tips for new indie writers and links to good advice I come across. Tools and software that makes our lives easier. Publishing news, court rulings and other items and how they affect us as both writers and readers. Guest posts from fellow writers. For the readers I’ll be telling you how I come up with the ideas for whatever it is I’m currently writing. If there’s time left we can debate the merits of vigilante justice and astrophysics. And cat videos, don’t forget the cat videos.

So watch for the change. I (we) hope to have it up and running by late February. In the mean time I’ll be stepping up the blogging pace while I work on this serial novel (which I am enjoying immensely).

Stay tuned.

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