Randall Wood


Some of you are jokingly…at least I think you’re joking…about the FBI coming to see me about the stuff I write. This conversation may or may not have actually happened.

fbi agent


Me: “What!?”

Unknown asshole at the door: “Mr. Wood? It’s the FBI.”

Me: “Again? What do you want this time?”

FBI: “It’s about your latest book?”

Me: “What about it?”

FBI: “We find some of the things you are saying to be similar to some people we’ve had a problem with in the past.”

Me: “Really? Who?”

FBI: “Well, uh, Edward Snowden for one, and, uh, Katherine Mitchell and um, Mark Felt.”

Me: “Mark Felt?”

FBI: “Yes, um, Deep Throat?”

Me: “Oh yeah, he was a good writer.”

FBI: “Then you understand our concern?”

Me: “Is it a copyright thing?”


Anyway, Episode Six of The Twelve Shepherds is out. Jack’s buddies outside my door will just have to deal with it.

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