Randall Wood

Kindle MatchBook!

                                              Via: Flickr

I just finished enrolling my books into Kindle MatchBook.

If only everything were so simple. I don’t just mean the process ( I clicked on a couple of boxes and a dropdown, I’m exhausted) I mean the decision to do so.

For those who aren’t yet familiar with what I’m blabbering about I’ll explain. Yesterday Amazon did everyone a favor by introducing a new program called Kindle MatchBook. Basically it means that if you are the type of reader who prefers your books in a paper format, yet still utilize a Kindle on occasion, you can now have both for little or no extra cost. Any author who wishes to include his books in the program can now enroll. So that paperback or hardcover you’ve been wavering on buying because you want it on your shelf can now also appear on your Kindle too. It appears to be retrograde as well, so if you bought a paperback or hardcover in the past and its now enrolled in Match you can pick up the e-book for cheap.

Amazon currently has my book Closure priced at 13.50 for the paperback. With Kindle MatchBook you can now get the e-book as well for just $.99 more. All of my other books are priced this way as well, buy the paperback or hardcover and you get the e-book for $.99.

That’s called taking care of the reader. I’ll be amazed if the Big Five publishers take part in this.

Any indie author with a well-worn business hat on will jump on this. A very wise move by Amazon as well as this will attract even more people to the Kindle platform. The timing couldn’t be better as well. Amazon just released its new Paperwhite Kindle. Combine this with the four months authors have to get their books into the match program and Amazon, its indie authors, and all the readers out there should have a very Merry Christmas.

By my calendar we have a few holidays to go before Christmas, but if you ask me, Jeff Bezos just made it arrive early. I may just have to find my Kindle and subscribe to the Washington Post.