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Hosting The Passive Voice

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I know it’s hard to believe, but David Vandergraff, otherwise known as Stupendous Man Passive Guy and the host of the The Passive Voice, is not a super hero.

I know. I’m as shocked as you. Evidently PG found himself in need of a vacation. Or maybe Mrs. PG did. Either way, he was powerless against this and has departed for a few days to recharge his battery’s and most likely take a bunch of pictures.

The even more amazing part is that he has trusted ME and a few of his other minions with hosting the blog in his absence. I managed to do this last year without incurring any lawsuits so I guess he feels it’s worth risking again.

So, in addition to writing book 4 of the Jack Randall series, a new serial novel, AND a re-edit of books 1-3, I will be spending my time over there. As I pretty much do anyway.

I will return to my sporadic blogging here shortly. Until then come on over to The Passive Voice. Good people, good information, and just the right amount of snark.

No really.

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