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Facebook is servicing me and my readers.


Today, after a lazy morning of not writing, I got on Facebook to see what was happening in the world. Nothing new really, the race for the presidency is still a cluster, the world is still getting hotter, and the Kardashians are still famous for no reason what-so-ever.

Then I saw this headline:

Facebook is hiding your messages again, here’s how to uncover them!


See the full article here.

Evidently, Facebook has taken it upon themselves to filter what messages you get. They did not do this to be mean, they actually have good intentions. This is designed to keep a wealth of spam, money wiring scams, and unwanted sexual advances out of your inbox, and it does, but in the process it screws you out of the occasional important message.

Or messages. Plural.

When I followed the directions I discovered a treasure-trove of fan mail that had gone unseen, unread, and unanswered. Some of it dating back over two years.

It’s hard to write with your hands balled into fists!

What the hell, Zuckerberg!

So, if you are one of these readers please know that I see you now, standby for a reply. If you’re a fellow writer please-please-please check your hidden/filtered/secret message folder, your hidden/filtered/secret fans are in there waiting to be discovered!

It’s like I’m in a Fifty Shades of Grey story, and not the good role. This isn’t service, its servicing!

Guess what just got added to Bill’s daily to-do list. Sorry Bill, but hey, you can now say you’re getting serviced by a billionaire.

4 thoughts on “Facebook is servicing me and my readers.”

    1. Thanks Barbara! Glad you enjoyed them. I’m hard at work on the next book, I estimate its a month or so away depending on how much my editor hates it. 🙂

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