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I know you’re watching me.

Doing research requires a lot of reading. I write about subjects that I was once a part of, but that was years ago and I’m having to do more and more reading to stay current. “Mission Ready” we called it. Things are always new and improved. My Browning BDM 9mm still works as well as it did twenty years ago and I can still hit what I aim at, but when I take it to the range I get a lot of “check out the old guy” looks. I just smile as I know the BDM has seen more action than most of them put together, but that’s for another post.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah; staying current. Yesterday I ordered a bunch of books from Amazon. Counter-terrorism. Homeland Security. Domestic terrorism. FBI Investigation Techniques. Improvised Munitions. Criminal Profiling. These are just a few of the subjects covered.

I no longer wonder if my purchases ping the radar of whatever computer is monitoring my spending habits. I basically have just accepted that they are watching. The more I read the more I understand why. A simple Google search will show that I’m an author, I make up stories for a living. BUT, I also understand that they could get the wrong idea and some people jump the gun.

So this is for you guys and gals sitting in your dark cubicles in the bowels of some government-grey building munching on vending machine processed crap and sipping your six-packs of Red Bull while waiting for the computer to ping and tell you to check me out.

It’s all fiction. I’m making it all up. Really. Nothing to worry about here.

But while you’re here, could you maybe do something about all that spam I’m getting?

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