Randall Wood




Time is the title I’ve chosen for this selection of short stories. This started off as a writing challenge to myself. The goal was to improve my own writing, and publication of the end product was never intended. I simply wished to see if I could write six different stories, each of them surrounding one of the six main characters in the Jack Randall series, and have each story tie into the next, visiting each character over the course of a twenty-four hour day. I worked on it on and off over several months and eventually the pages piled up to a respectable thickness.
People liked the insight into the private lives of the main characters. Some of the stories lack arc. Others were written to help me write detail or practice pacing. Still others were ways for me to comment on and research current events or subjects that were new to me. A couple are from first-hand experience.
Regardless of the reasons for them being on the page I have caved to pressure and am publishing them as an e-book. A 100 page short-story collection/companion piece to the Jack Randall series if you will.
So this is Time, I hope you enjoy it. If so, please let me know, I may just make this a “living book” and add to it from time to time.

If you have not read the first three novels of the series, Closure, Pestilence, and Scarcity, you will not know all of the characters portrayed here and there will be spoilers within these short stories.

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