Randall Wood



  See where it says “Winds 110 mph”? My house is right underneath that. This is how our hurricane experience went: First, I should probably explain why I was even there. Since my wife and I were dumb enough to pick medicine as a career,

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Two new books are on the way!

 Two new books are on the way!   You read that right! Not one book, but two! Rebellion and Resistance will be the fifth and the sixth novels of the Jack Randall series, as well as first and second novels of The Twelve Shepherds saga.

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The Twelve Shepherds live. The complete story now unfolds in six full-length, totally remastered novels. The first of which will hit stores next week. The Shepherds are coming, warn all your friends.

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Jack Randall is back in HOMELAND

Hello from sunny Florida, USA. Where we like to combine tax day with our holidays. So I figured, “Why not put out a book to ease the pain?” Jack too is in Florida. While pursuing the Twelve Shepherds case, he and Sydney take a side

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