Randall Wood

Big Brother Part Due

Just when you think you’re done with the government they tell you there’s more to do.

 This time it’s on the county level.

Once you’re done with the state and you’ve received your paperwork from them, it’s time to make a visit to your county government for more red tape. You’re actually doing two things; registering with the county and obtaining a tax certificate.

Yes, it’s required.

To do this you’ll need the certificate from the state, picture ID, your new business address (PO Box) and a new book on your e-reader. Unfortunately, this cannot be done online; you’ll have to make a visit to your local county administration building to see the tax man. There’s a fee involved, but it’s small for a change. Only ten dollars!

But the process sucks. On arrival I consulted the directory and discovered that this task was performed by the same people who handle driver’s licenses.

Yup, the dreaded DMV. Now you see why I included the new book?

So, after the required wait I managed to get up to the desk. If you can, I would hold out for the oldest looking person there. Evidently they don’t do this often as the young girl I had helping me had no clue as to what I was talking about. Fortunately, the woman next to her did and slid over to help. This resulted in several people frowning at me, but I figured that I had paid my dues in the waiting room just as much as they had. Besides, I’m in Florida; these people were retired and had all day.

So I became a learning experience.

I just sat quietly and handed over documents while the girl received her education. Fifteen minutes later I was ten dollars lighter, but I had my certificate. I was informed that I would have to make an announcement of my new company in a local paper, and that I had to display the certificate in a prominent place at my business.

I asked if that meant on the wall somewhere at my house, or on the inside of my PO Box?


DMV people have no sense of humor.

Note: This is a start-up expense, save the receipt for the tax man.

Domain Name registration   $20

Monthly fee  x 3 months    $12

Website back-up plan    $13

36 months of hosting    $187

Registration with the State   $119

P.O. Box      $52

County Tax Certificate    $10

Total       $413

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