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Ways you can help an Indie Author



Writing a book is hard enough, promoting it is a whole other matter. Big name authors can afford to hire a publicist, but indie authors have to get by with grass-roots connections, word-of-mouth, and a little luck to inform the world out there of their latest creation. So what can you do to help make your indie author succeed?

Rate and Review Your Favorite Books

Rating and Reviewing books gives other readers a sense of what the book is like, which will help them decide if the book is right for them. When writing a review the most important thing is honesty. Tell readers what you liked about the book, and give it a rating. Takes less than a minute and can help the author reach more readers which leads to them writing more books. There’s little worse than a book without a rating or review, it’s like a Christmas tree without ornaments.

Click the Like button.

Like buttons are everywhere and it takes a fraction of a second to click them. But by clicking them you make it easier for more readers to find the book. The more likes, the more people see it.

Tag your books

Tags are like category labels on Amazon. If a customer searches for “Thrillers” all books tagged with that label will appear in the search results. Voting on a books tags will increase the likelihood it will appear in those searches. They help assure that a book reaches its intended audience.

Tell your friends.

Word-of-mouth is still the best and most powerful tool to get the word out. Share it on your social media sites. Recommend it to your book club. Donate a copy to your local library. Tell your bartender and hairdresser.


By following these easy steps you are helping the author achieve success with their novel, making it much easier for them to write the next one!


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