Randall Wood

Barry Eisler debates Ewan Morrison.

Recently, Barry Eisler, Ewan Morrison, and a few others were invited to the Radio Litopia show The Naked Book to discuss their views on the current changes in the publishing world. The title of the show was “In The Land Of The E, The Glassy-Eyed Are King”

The show was basically three against one in my opinion, but Barry held up well and shot Ewan down repeatedly. The more I listened, the more happy I was about my decision to self-publish. Mr. Morrison just couldn’t seem to argue from a position supported by the facts, and the longer the show went on, the more it showed.

So here’s a link. Give it a listen. I’d also like to congratulate Barry Eisler, a true debater and great self-publishing spokesman, ¬†on a job well done.


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