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Andy Weir is bothering me.

I try to write at least 4,000 words a day on whatever work(s)-in-progress I have going. It’s a daily goal that I usually sometimes hope to endeavor to meet.

Right now I’m working on book four of the Jack Randall series. I’m also working on a new edit of my first book, Closure. I’m also outlining for my serial novel that I’ll be starting when I’m done with that. I’m told by my editor that I have to have book four to her by September 30th (She even wrote it in Sharpy) or she won’t be able to fit me into her schedule. So, I’m a busy guy. I’m staying off the internet. I’m avoiding The Passive Voice. I’m in lurk-only mode everywhere else. I’m on track to make it. Or I was until a few days ago.

Then I started reading The Martian. It’s been on my to-be-read list for some time.


The Martian

If you are a space / engineering / construction / do-it-yourself / Leggo / Rubicks Cube / adventure kind of guy like me this book amounts to nothing short of a heaping plate of bacon!!



I promised myself that my reading would never suffer due to my writing schedule. But man is it hard.


Especially with all the work I have right now. Andy’s book is so good I’m staying up too late and end up using it for a pillow. Which of course affects my writing. So the opposite has happened, my reading is affecting my writing. I’m blaming Mark. Why? Because I can.

So, I’m breaking my own rule about reviews here. I don’t write them for other authors. Just a policy I have. (See my policy page if you need a better explanation) BUT this book is too damn good.

The Martian. Read it. You’ll love it. Just stock up on food and water and potatoes first.


You’ll need them.


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