Randall Wood

About Me

My name is Randall Wood and I love sharing my stories with readers. You should start with Closure, the first book of the Jack Randall series of thrillers. It has over 6,000 reviews! Get it here for free or from your favorite online store. If you would like to be alerted when new releases happen just sign up for the mailing list. It’s the only mail I send.

 Before becoming a novelist I spent years in several occupations. I’ve been a soldier, a bartender, a student, a teacher, and eventually spent the bulk of my professional career as a flight medic. Finding time between missions and 911 calls, I would pen stories about my co-workers, often featuring the odd locations and strange situations we were called to. I eventually listened to the little voice in my head and now devote my efforts to writing full time. When I’m not writing I’m working on ScribeCount, an author services company that aggregates sales reports from multiple platforms along with a slew of other features that make being an indie author easier. Check us out at www.scribecount.com

I currently reside on the beaches of Florida or in the mountains of North Carolina, depending on the current outside temperature and my lovely wife’s whim. We have three children, three cats, and 200lbs of Great Dane who goes by the name of Henry. You might see him in the blog from time to time.”