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2 thoughts on “ISBN’s and Metadata”

  1. I agree with you, but the kicker is library access. Currently CreateSpace seems to be the only route available for paperback into libraries, and they require their own ISBN for that.

    The solution is to use your own ISBNs for all editions, including all the extended options EXCEPT library, and then create a separate edition for Library-only. I spoke to them, and they are FINE with allowing you to keep your ISBN on the copyright page of the library edition, as long as you include their ISBN number “larger” as well. Ditto for the LoC CIP entry, which uses your own ISBN, not theirs. As long as their ISBN is visually indicated as the appropriate one for the library edition, you can leave the rest in place.

    I realize this has nothing to do with the database metadata, but as long as the out-of-your-own-control aspect is restricted to just the library edition, I can live with it. The only problem then becomes that it costs you money: $25 for the extended editions of the regular version, w/o library, and another $25 for the extended editions, library only, of the library version.

    Nicely calculated on their part, but not necessarily sinister. They may need to be the publisher of record to get good deals on massive volumes for the library vendors.

  2. Excellent point Karen, one I forgot to mention,

    I left out the whole Library issue as it was in a constant state of flux at the time of the original post (and still seems to be!) I’ve been talking to some librarians lately and they (I should say most) are actively looking for an easy way to include indies in their system. I would keep an eye on Lightning Source and their minions as I hear something may be in the works.

    As far as ISBN’s go I assign one to each version of my book. Mainly to help the search engines and the Bowker Database find me. I buy them in bulk and write them off as a business expense. Think about this; you’ll need one for every language you publish in. With the resent announcements by Amazon opening up markets in India, Brazil, and Canada this will be huge for the indie authors.

    As for Createspace, I use them for two things; selling print on Amazon and cheap proof copies. Thats about it. Everything else is Lightning Source.

    I just hope I got some people thinking about this on Lindsays blog. I hate to see my fellow indies making big mistakes over what amounts to a few dollars.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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